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Laserwavesin ideoima ja rakentama laser-ohjain / turvallisuusväline pääsi esittelyyn Slovakialaisen ohjelmisto-yritys Showtaclen sivuille.

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Laserwaves ShowNet 4000 (" PRO") is a laser distributor and safety mechanism for show lasers. The device is equipped with four independent ILDA control channels (4x Moncha from Showtacle). The unit has a height of 2 units and the transportation can be done in the same way as other rack devices.

The use of Showtacle Moncha software is meaningful with this device. Read more @ Showtacle's Blog post:

Operation in nut shell: Connect your computer to this device using an ethernet cable. Because the cable length of the LAN can be up to 100 meters, you can easily operate your lasers behind the crowd when the device is securely on the stage with other event technology.

Attach all your laser projectors to the ILDA ports and INTERLOCK ports on this device. Interlock cables can be easily extended by any XLR cable. The XLR is therefore selected because it is the most common cable used in events. Fully metal connectors ensure long life and can be easily replaced depending on your lasers. Connect the emergency stop switch to the e-stop connector on the unit and place the emergency stop switch up to 10 meters away for easy operation.

There are many security mechanisms in the device that prevent accidental use of laser projectors. The key, safety switch and interlock ports must be switched on to activate the lasers. The device also has a warning light that lights when the lasers are active. The warning light does not light up if the device detects that all connections have not been completed. The security key does not turn the device off and you can be safe because your connection to your computer remains active. It is always better to use a separate safety switch method. This is why laserwaves developed this device to speed up and clarify your lasershow preparation. If you have lots of lasers in your presentation, you can easily chain these controllers using LAN cables and an Ethernet switch. Simply easy and safe!


  • 4x Moncha channels

  • PC in: Ethernet / LAN

  • Laser Out: ILDA

  • Control software: Moncha 5.2 (

  • Emerency Stop with 10m cable

  • Independend low voltage relay operated interlock channels: 4

  • 4 x 0,5m Interlock cables (can be customized for free)

  • Caution light

  • Key switch

  • Internal power supply ( EN60950-1, UL60950-1)

  • Input voltage 115VAC - 230VAC / 50-60hz

  • Power consumption @ 230V : 1,5A

  • English Manual

  • Powercon powercable EU/UK

  • Can be delivered without the control cards or completed in a rack case.

  • Can be also customized for your needs.

This prototype was successfully in our active use. Now it is sold to Laserland Australia. Manufacturing time: 2-4 weeks after purchase

Delivery time: 5-6 days (EU) Production country: Finland

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